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    Windows 2000 / WinFax Pro 10.0

    I am sending faxes from Access using the WinFax DDE calls. Usually the application sends out about 15 faxes in a row.

    Worked fine until we migrated to Win2K. Now, the first fax appears in the Outbox OK. The next 3 or 4 faxes all show up together in a single Send Fax dialog box with a bad cover page and no recipient info. The remaining faxes are ignored. (After all of the above occur, plus a brief delay, the one fax in the outbox does then get sent out OK.)

    I have had some success adding delay loops or DDERequest calls to check the WinFax status, but these attempts were all random shots in the dark and invariably a solution that worked for me my breaks for the end-user.

    Is there a reliable way to make get WinFax to handle the sequential faxes cleanly?

    A summary of my DDE commands follow. All the commands below are executed for each fax to be sent. I am confident in the …STUFF… in the recipient() command.



    There is an undocumented DDE function called “CanIPrint” which querys WinFax to see if the WinFax printer is not busy and can accept a print job. Perhaps you can use this to check to see if WinFax is processing faxes before continuing.

    This is a sample DDE code in VB. (WinFax_DDE is a form name, and StatusBox is a text box on the form)

    WinFax_DDE.StatusBox.LinkTopic = “FAXMNG|CONTROL”
    WinFax_DDE.StatusBox.LinkMode = 2
    WinFax_DDE.StatusBox.LinkItem = “CanIPrint”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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