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    Had to reinstall Pro10.02 because of driver & Windows Installer issues on XP Pro stand alone machine. Couldn’t get past Fax# line so I skipped it and finished install. I tried to enter it from the program but same thing happens.

    For some reason my Add/Remove Programs went missing from my Control Panel so I used the Uninstall Shield.exe from the files list and I think it didn’t do a complete uninstall but I tried to install again and it went through except for this.

    Thank you for helping, Paul True


    OK. Never mind. 😀 I noticed the post just below me that sounded similiar and checked it out and downloaded the Winfaxtools, I think it was, and I’m good to go, as it were. This after perusing all the post titles before I posted. :blush:

    This is an impressive forum. I’ve been rehabilitating my computor all day, (after calling my computor guy who advised me to buy a new one), and have managed to get it righted and running smooth thanks completely to people like you who are willing to share your talent…Heartening. Thank you.


    Thanks for the feedback , glad that helped you out

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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