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    In WFP 10.02 the address book listings are sorted by “Company,” which is the first column. The second column is “name,” and there the default sort is first name first. If I change it to sort by last name, then it moves off of the Company sort to the Name sort, last name first, and it is not sorted by Company.

    But that is not the way it is needed! Is there another way to accomplish this other than reversing all of the first and last names?



    According to the online help, this is how is supposed to be done. However, you might have found a bug in WinFax.

    Sorting phonebook records using multiple criteria

    1. Start Message Manager.
    2. On the Go menu, click Phonebooks. The Phonebook window opens
    3. In the phonebook list, click the phonebook you want to sort.
    4. On the View menu, click Sort. The Sort dialog appears.
    5. In the 1st Key section, do the following:

    a) In the 1st Key drop-down list, click the appropriate primary sorting criterion.
    b) Click Ascending or Descending.

    6.Repeat step 5 for the 2nd Key and 3rd Key sections.


    You can also control the sorting of information in the record list by clicking the column heading by which you want to sort. For example, click Company to sort the phonebook by company. To sort in the reverse alphabetical order, click the column heading again.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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