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    Something wrong with my winfax host.
    I wanted to update my winfax client to host.
    I double clicked :Fax Sharing Host in Program setup in Tools
    It says: You can not enable Winfax Pro as a FaX Sharing Host as it has already been configured as a Fax Sharing Client.
    You must remove the Winfax PRo Fax Sharing device from all locations in WinfaxPro before enabling the host.

    I just have one client,the one I am now planning to update to Host.
    NO idea about such a problem.
    Another thing,it seems the client side can still be used to receive faxes BUT WITH NO CSID information,I can not see where the faxes come from at all even if after I configured the Winfax client side to receive faxes.
    That is to say: choose the modem on client computer and also the un-able-to-removed Winfax Sharing client and configure to receive in 2 rings.

    No idea about how to solve this at all.

    The worse thing is Winfax can not be removed from client side,auto or manually,I got some articles from Symantec for manually removing the Winfax pro.
    Whenever I install Winfax again,it is still Winfax Sharing Client.
    No way to become a Winfax host.

    Could you help? Please.

    Thanks a lot.



    Click on “Modem & Communications Devices” in WinFax PRO setup.
    You should see “WinFax Fax Sharing” and a checkmark showing it is ACTIVE beside it. Uncheck it. This will remove “WinFax Fax Sharing” client. Now click APPLY, then OK.
    Now, double-click “WinFax Fax Sharing Host” option in WinFax PRO Setup. Should now allow you to configure the WinFax Sharing Host.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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