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    Running XP Version 2002 SP3, Winfax Pro 10.04, External modem ZBA Multi Tech – set up for broadcasting to 100+ contacts, it will send a few faxes then the program freezes my computer, cannot use Ctrl-Alt-Del. Once it freezes the first time the balance of faxes cannot be sent as it is locked on the fax it was trying to send. I’ve tried repairing the phonebooks, optimizing etc and have already switched out two previous modems, I’m on my third. This problem happens each and every time I use Winfax.



    its very rare that this would be the cause of the modem itself. its likely a data problem with Winfax. Did the problem start occuring after sending several broadcasts?


    It did work for a while when I first bought the program (some time last year) then all of a sudden I started experiencing these problems. Now it happens with the very first batch I try to send.

    I have approximately 700 contacts in five different groups so I’m sending to about 100 contacts at a time.

    Two days ago with the first batch, thirty or so were successful and I received an error on the balance. I tried resubmitting but it froze my computer after dialing the first contact. I deleted the job and submitted a new group but it did the same thing.

    It is very frustrating because once the error is there you can’t delete the job it keeps trying to dial but you have to keep loading the program to try or it will sit there forever and then your entire system crashes.


    You might want to consider the remote live tech support service, a tech can take a look and determine what is wrong. The service is guaranteed so if it can’t be fixed the service fee is refunded. http://www.getfaxing.com/services.htm


    The problem is likely you have overloaded your logs.
    There is a limit of send or receive faxes in a folder, and you’ve probably reached it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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