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    At the moment the Host is XP SP1 and the Client is XP SP2.
    In this state everything is fine. As soon as I upgrade Host to SP2 communication ceases.I have followed the Symantec Winfax Pro 10.0 (Fax Sharing client cannot connect to host after installing Windows XP SP2) instructions so many times I almost know them by heart. At this stage I can go into the “Message Sharing Client” setup and browse for my Host, its found then the following message is displayed- “Cannot connect to Host(access denied). Check that this is the correct Host name”. This brings up the question – is there a difference between Winfax Pro 10 and 9 as used in Talkworks Pro 3. I have made the Client XP SP1 and the Host XP SP2 and still no joy so it proves that its the Host thats preventing the connection. Suggestions please


    the steps listed for WinFax PRO 10 and Windows XP SP2 fax sharing should work fine with TalkWorks PRO 3.0. TalkWorks PRO 3 is an updated version of WinFax PRO 9.03.
    In addition to following the steps in the technical document, Make sure you have wfxctl32.exe unblocked in any firewall, and worm protection in Norton Anti-Virus.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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