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    I have Winfax version 8 which I use with Wordperfect version 9 under Windows 98SE. Recently I got a new machine with Windows XP Pro SP2. I installed a copy of Wordperfect on the new machine, and I copied Winfax to the new machine and attempted, unsuccessfully, to instal it. Can anyone help me?



    did you attempt an installation from the proper installation cd rom/install folder? or did you copy files from the old machine to the new machine?

    You cannot copy the program files over, this will not work. You will have to perform a new installation on your Windows XP SP2 machine, then, you can copy the contents of the DATA folder of the old 98SE machine to the new Windows XP SP2 machine (if you want to perserve your fax data files).


    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I copied the files and tried to do an instal from them.
    Since I use Winzip (version 8) from Wordperfect (version 9), this leads to two questions.
    1. Can I obtain version 8 of Winfax to instal?
    2. If I must instal version 10 of Winfax will I get the version 10 macros for Wordperfect?
    Thanks again for your help?


    you’ll need the original cd rom or image of WinFax PRO 8 to install if you want to use this version.

    Wordperfect macros were discontinued in version 9 I believe, so no, there are no macros included with version 10 for Word Perfect. You would have to use the existing macro designed for 8.0 as that >may< work with 10.


    As you suggested, I obtained a (used) copy of the version 8 installation CD.
    I noticed on the cover of the CD that this version is for Windows 95 and Windows NT.
    This leads to yet another question: Will Winzip version 8 work under Windows XP Professional SP2, or will I need to get Winzip version 10 (and hope that the version 8 macros work with Winzip version 10)?
    Thanks again,


    I assume your referring to WinFax, not WinZip?
    If so, yes WinFax PRO 8.0 will install with Windows XP SP2 but it was not designed for this version and version 10 is preferred for Windows XP.

    Wordperfect macros were discontinued so the only WP macros you’ll find are those that were included with WinFax PRO 8.0 or 9.0.

    As for older macros working with a newer version of WinFax, they may or may not work . Those combinations are rarely used, so I’m not aware if they work properly .

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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