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    Dear All

    I have a problem at work. The guy who was here before me used winxp with
    winfax pro 10.02.
    Now I am using the same program, but whenever I try to send a fax, to
    whatever number, I get this:

    “Unable to negotiate connection or train on last attempt”

    The strange thing is that if I use the fax software of winxp, I can send the
    fax. The modem is enabled and can send faxes, but with winfax it doesn’t

    I simply hear the usual noise typical of sending faxes, and then nothing.

    Anyone can help?


    this is usually a configuration problem with winfax. WinFax is very picky on the initialization string setup and class of the modem. What type of modem is installed on this PC? and what are the settings in WinFax (Program Setup, Modem/Communication devices)?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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