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    I have the redialing turned off…..the person in our office says that when she checks the sent list after a session that some of the places come up being sent to twice….we have gone thru the lsit and confirmed there is not any repeats etc…any help would be appreciated!


    redialing is only used when a fax has failed or if the line was busy, no answer etc. If you see two “completed” faxes in the send log this does not mean redialing was the cause. Check those entries that appear twice and see if the problem was failed pages.


    This can occur if a fax failed during the transmission. The receipient may receive multiple copies of the same page, because the fax didn’t complete properly. The fax gets put in the outbox for re-transmission, but when completed, it will show as a single completed event.

    eg. of sending a 3 page fax.
    dialing, negotiating, training
    page 1 sending
    eop – end of page
    page 2 sending
    eop – end of page
    page 3 sending
    eop – end of page – transmission error or some other error

    fax now back in outbox for retransmission.
    configured to send failed pages only.
    sending page 3
    page 3 sent
    eop – end of page
    eot -end of transmission
    fax completed.

    one event in send log as completed fax, 2 calls. Receiver may see pages 1,2,3 and page 3 again in second transmission.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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