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    I’m running WinFax Pro 10.02 on Win98 at the office, and another
    registered copy at home. Both machines store the default phonebook at
    c:winfaxdataMy-Ph-Bk.* (six files).

    Since I make additions to my phone book at the office while I’m
    there, and different additions to the home phone book while at home, I
    tried to bring the office data home and establish a “link” from one to
    the other.
    At home I made a folder c:winfaxfrom officedata and copied the
    My-Ph-Bk.* files from the office into it. Then I used the “create new
    phonebook” wizard to add a “linked” book, but after inputting all the
    parameters I got an error “phonebook already exists”.
    So I tried renaming the relocated books to “Office.*”, and went
    thru the wizard again, but I got the same error “already exists”! Why
    does it think it already exists when the name is different? Is there
    some type of flag in the “My-Ph-Bk.*” files from the office that tells
    WinFax it is “My-Ph-Bk” even if the name is changed and put in a
    different folder?
    Can anyone think of a work-around so I can link to this other book?

    Thanks in advance.


    What you need to do is create a new phonebook in WinFax. It will be empty. Copy all your my-ph-bk*.* from your office to a directory on your home PC. Then, choose the import option and import your data into this new empty phonebook.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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