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    Hi, i’m using Word2000, WinFax 10.02 and installed the macro from the downloadable section for VBA .

    So far, everythings working great, except, Winfax insists on putting a Country Code, and Area code in my faxes. Even when Setup is Dial as Entered. (using the Sendfax object)

    I’ve tried setting the area code, but it still wants the Country Code.

    Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this issue? I’m dialing from Dallas, TX, whihc has many many area codes. I’ve setup the “Host” to dial long distance code for the area’s that need it. The Host is not dialing the long distance code, but rather, the Host dials the Country Access code.

    I’ve even tried sending the fax number as AreaCode+FaxNumber (all 10 digits), but to no avail.



    One thing i have noticed with host sending is that the number that appears in the “sending” window isn’t usually what is dialed. Check if it actually is sending the area code, country code etc. when dialing your faxes. This may just be appearing in the send window of the host only.


    Just want to add, are you setting country code + area code + local number ??? Try that

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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