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    I’ve been having a lot of problems with WinFax 10.0.3 hanging up during the receiving of faxes. I have to reboot the PC and modem to get it running again, and sometimes have WinFax redetect the modem.

    I’ve tried 2 US Robotics Sportster 56K modems and similar issues.

    I’ve had good luck in the past with US Robotics expensive Courier external serial modem, for other tasks requiring a nice reliable modem.

    Is this a good match for WinFax as well? Anything else I should be considering?

    I’m running a very basic setup – standalone XP machine with pretty much nothing else on it, and a single modem installed. All I want it to do is receive and print out faxes.



    external is always a better choice with WinFax PRO.
    receiving problems are difficult to solve without more information about the exact model of modem, the settings used and what (if any) other applications are active during reception of faxes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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