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    I am using VB.net to send a Crystal report to winfax, I need to be able to determine if the fax went successfully (i.e. its not still in the outbox, and is in the sent box – and has been successfully sent).
    Now I don’t seem to be able to get at the Event Notification object (i.e. Dim WinEvent as New wfxctl32.csdkEvent…)
    I can get access to the CSDKLogClass and CSDKLog – can I use these to get the information I need? If so anyone done this in VB.net and can show me how as I haven’t a clue!!

    Also has anyone else had the problem of Winfax setting the Send date to be a date months ahead thus the fax stays sitting in the outbox (hence why I need to track the status of the fax).(I set the date and time to be Now() )

    Many thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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