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    I have code to send a fax from VB using the wfxctl32.CSDKSend object. The code is something like:

    Dim S As New wfxctl32.CSDKSend

    S.SetPrintFromApp 1
    S.SetPreviewFax 0
    S.SetUseCover 0
    S.SetResolution 0
    S.SetSubject strSubject
    S.SetDeleteAfterSend 0
    S.ShowSendScreen 0
    S.ShowCallProgess 1
    S.SetAreaCode intAC
    S.SetCountryCode “”
    S.SetDialPrefix “”
    S.SetNumber strNum
    S.SetExtension “”
    S.SetTo strSendTo
    S.Send 0

    After this, the application prints a custom fax to the WinFax driver.

    On Windows 2000 Pro, this works perfectly. But on Windows XP Pro, none of the CSDKSend code seems to work: The Message Manager comes up, there is no recipient, etc.

    Yes, I am using WinFax 10.02. Any ideas why this is failing?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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