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    We are using SBS 2003 for the office
    (8) computers are hooked to network, (1) is for Winfax only
    All computers are XP 3
    Phone lines are Time Warner

    Winfax computer
    I have three modems (1) internal not used, (1) cell phone dissabled at the moment, (1) external US Robotics V.92 5686 in use

    1. I open tools in Winfax, the message appears “Warning: No active modem selected! “
    2. I open modem screen and tick the US Robotics box
    3. I go to receive, tick automatic receive
    4. I close out program, then go back in and the message appears again, Warning: No active modem selected!


    Try holding down the SHIFT key, then click PROPERIES for the US ROBOTICS modem. WinFax will report that this modem has not been configured, this will reset the settings and allow you to reconfigure the modem in WinFax.

    Also, make sure the user you are logged in as has Administrator rights.


    Resolved, thanks for the quick solution and fix


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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