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    Jim Lovejoy

    I have been using WinfaxTalkworks now for years and been able to continue to make it work with Windows XP, but my Windows XP machines are dying off and it is becoming more difficult to get new equipment with anything but Vista. Because I need to use a 64bit operating system to access the additional ram needed for some of the Cad software I use there is even more pressure to move to Vista and perhaps more likely Windows 7. Winfax/Talkworks, I’m sure you all agree, is great software. (I can’t find anything better and I have tried some others) But I am concerned that it’s time may be up.

    After reading the latest bulletin on Vista/Windows 7 and Winfax I thought it reasonable to start a thread about the future of this software and see how others are thinking about going forward. Will it ever be possible to port Winfax software to new windows operating systems? Are there any other options that need to be considered. Other software, other operating systems? Is it possible that Microsoft might modify the new operating systems to accommodate certain popular legacy programs.

    I look forward to some good discussion




    Microsoft has indeed made some improvements to Windows 7 to allow for compatibility with legacy software designed for Windows XP. They’ve included a Windows XP Mode in the Professional and Ultimate versions of Windows 7

    More info here, it requires a specific compatible processor and motherboard.

    As for Vista, I’m not sure how long it has to live,Microsoft is already giving away free Windows 7 upgrades to anyone buying Vista now, so it looks like Vista is likely going to see end-of-life shortly.

    WinFax isn’t compatible with any x64 OS (printer drivers will not install) , so if you need x64 and can’t use WinFax on a x32 Windows Xp compatible machine, you’ll have purchase different fax software that supports the x64 OS printer drivers.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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