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    I used to have WinFax Pro. Now I change to XP and a moden (DMax). Now I have tried to install and continue using WinFax but I can’t. If there anything someone can tell me. There is no possible fax communication in or out. Thanks. Adelaida Rivera


    dmax is an internet isp modem used for DSL Internet service, this is not for faxing. You will need to install an analog fax modem to use WinFax PRO.


    I have recently installed WinfaxPRO 10.03 on my computer running WinXP Pro (the old version didn’t work).
    During setup I get an error message to the effect “…can not stop the printer spoiler…” and the program can’t automatically do so. I says I can go to the Control Panel and stop it there but I have no clue where to go to do it. Anybody have any suggestions?

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    click start, run.
    type: net stop spooler

    to start it again;
    net start spooler

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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