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    Dear moderator … this is the most authoritative source of info after one week search that I have found on winfax and I am surprised how you put this effort for something that is not yours.

    This must be very easy for you since you have respective products. After leaving a major crash recently on my win2000 I try to make operation much more safe. In doing that I can find no way to work winfax pro 10.0 on my win2k SP3 (clean installation). I have included “everybody” in regaccess I have given easy permissions to all folders and program modules that I thought are relevant but nothing happens. When I print from anywhere (say “notebook”) I get the fax send window with a cover letter but without my print object. When I try to cancel the fax … I get a hang (needs to log off) … It works fine in power or administator accounts.

    In a dual boot installation of win2k where I have applied the compatibility template to user groups it works fine … but in trying to do everything much safer I do not want to do this to this clean install.


    Glad to hear you find this forum useful!

    Have you tried the following suggestions from the Symantec site?


    thank you for your reply …. if I remember well I have tried the item suggested but there is very few things you can do in “user” account of win2k. Certainly you can not install winfax pro and I do not remember what happened when I tried to reinstall the print driver … but I will try again your suggestion and post the results.

    Please note that winfax print works normally in “administrator” or “power” user accounts … the problem is with the low priviledge accounts such as “user”.

    Brgds, mam

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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