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    @kaboondy wrote:

    You are absolutely right. Deletion of the shared phonebook and recreating (took very little time) and also solved the problem. yes, the shared phonebook has now become the default phonebook for all the client computers on the network. Thank you once again for all your help. This has been amazing.

    I found that in some cases when I originally added the shared phonebook and then clicked “Send”, the send window would hang (the area where the phonebook should appear remained blank). Obviously there is something wrong when WinFax is attempting to open and read either the phonebook or the registry values for that specific shared phonebook. I then deleted the shared phonebook and added it again, and the next time I opened the send window it appeared open and display normally. There is something causing corruption in the Send Window when WinFax attempts to open the Shared phonebook at least for the first time it is configured. Deleting the registry key specific to the Send Window did not solve the problem. Removing the shared phonebook and adding it again appears to be the solution to this problem.


    Fascinating. You describe exactly what happened to one of my client computers and in “hindsight” I now realize that what appeared to be a spontaneous resolution of the problem (at the time) was likely related to the fact that I had deleted and re-created the shared phonebook on the server (for another unrelated reason). I had (at the time) shrugged and just appreciated that the problem had resolved. Thank you for staying the course with all the problems along the way. I now have a much better understanding of WinFax as well as a greater confidence with its use. It is much less of a ‘black box’ than it used to be all because of your help and this forum.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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