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    Win2k and Word XP running fine. wfxmacro from Getfaxing installed OK.

    Admin logs in runs Word, new doc for fax, – runs wfxmacro – get nag screen OK. Wfax dialog pops up. Outlook address book appears – OK.
    Wfax dialog shows thumb of Word doc OK. Send is fine and Cancel send is fine. No problems.

    Then, user logs in.
    (Background: I copied over ‘normal.dot’ from another machine which had all the useful macros developed on). The other machine has wfxmacro on already and was working fine). ‘normal’ was copied into docs/user/appdat/micro/temp…
    [maybe this was the big mistake – read on…]

    User now has all the new macros showing and working but for wfax.

    User creates new doc for fax.
    Hits wfax button. nag screen appears ok. Wfax dialog appears, outlook address book appears. BUT – *No* thumb of document in dialog.
    User can add adressess from phonebook OK.
    Hit send button – a brief flash of a msgbox and then nothing.
    User then hits Cancel Send.
    msgbox pops up – Cancel Send – please wait.
    and user waits and waits and waits – nothing.
    At first only way to get out was to Restart machine as the error was not showing task mgr.
    Then I found clicking on e-mail (wfax dialog) but not activating the option would cancel the send.

    (Crikey this is boring – I’ve rebooted this f* machine 90 times tonight!)
    I deleted wfxmacro.exe from startup and deleted NORMAL in the user directory so I get new fresh normal with no macros.
    Restart everything and install wfaxmacro.
    Admin is fine – he can send and cancel faxes.
    User *still* has problem – no thumb of doc in wfax dialog and crash when cancelling….
    I tried saving the doc first with a real filename – no difference.
    There are no stray wfx files around – I deleted the Symantec ones and now have only the getfax ones.

    I am now so fed up that I cannot recall clearly what I have done when and where!

    Anyone got any clues as to what might have gone worng and where the error is still lingering ( I have unhidden all files etc etc).
    signed: exasperated of Auckland



    After some more fiddling I see now that the brief flash of msgbox is one saying “no can send – no cover page attached” or something.

    (I turned off cover page option)
    wfax dialog reappears and then ‘cancel send’ sends everything into hyperspace…

    time for bed and a frsh start tomorrow – :))



    any more progress on this?



    Do you have WinFax PRO 10.02?
    and does this problem occur if you use “File”, “Print” and choose “WinFax” as the printer?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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