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    There has been no update on this since June. Surely there has been feedback from Winfax/Windows 7 users?


    The printer drivers for WinFax do not install in Windows 7. They will not install because the WinFax printer drivers are designed on an older NT based “kernel” printer driver (type 2 driver). These types of drivers have been discontinued by Microsoft around the time that Windows XP was released (2001). As it takes time to move people to newer technologies, Microsoft allowed type 2 drivers to be installed in Windows XP , and continued to allow Type 2 printer drivers to install in Windows 2003 by way of a policy change. This gave enough time for developers to release newer drivers that would work with future operating systems.

    With the release of Microsoft Vista, Microsoft blocked Type 2 printer drivers completely. This has not changed with Windows 7. Type 2 printer drivers are not allowed, and Symantec never designed a type 3 printer driver for WinFax since they never planned on upgrading the software.

    Windows XP Mode under Windows 7 works, but the printer driver can’t be used in Windows 7. While this could be to some benefit to some people, its not an ideal solution to use WinFax as its drivers are only visible to Windows XP applications installed in the Virtual Windows XP machine.


    “its drivers are only visible to Windows XP applications installed in the Virtual Windows XP machine.”

    Can you please explain what you mean by this in simpler lanquage?

    The windows 7 compatibility with winfax will determine a decision for my computer purchase.



    Windows 7 Professional & Ultimate editions have an optional Windows XP mode . Windows XP mode runs a “virtual machine” , it is like having another computer that is running Windows XP in the same desktop as your Windows 7. When you boot up your Windows XP virtual machine in Windows 7, you are actually running a copy of Windows XP that is completely separate from Windows 7.

    The problem with WinFax in Windows XP mode is that if you use a program that was installed in Windows 7 and you want to fax from it, it will not work with WinFax. Only the programs that you install separately in the Windows XP virtual mode will be able to fax using WinFax.

    Sending faxes from any application using WinFax will only be available to your “Virtual” Windows XP computer and not your “REAL” Windows 7 computer.

    In a real example. I have all my current applications installed under Windows 7.
    I have 2 applications installed in Windows XP mode. Office 2003 & WinFax PRO 10.03. The ONLY applications I can fax from (using WinFax) are: Word 2003, Excel 2003 and the rest of the Office 2003 suite, and anything else that was installed with the Windows XP operating system (like NOTEPAD, WORDPAD, IE 7 etc.)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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