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    i dont know how this has come about but running xp S2 windows- Winfax10.02
    Just recently it can not find my modem , now i have done the set up in winfax looking for the modem but always comes back saying modem is busy????????
    this is the error message get
    COM1: This port is currently being used by a device
    and cannot be tested.
    how do i over come this problem?
    thanks for any help that can be given


    can you detect the modem in Windows Control Panel?
    what type of modem? what com port is it installed on?


    irs a rockwell modem, i just went into xp windows to manually add the modem and when you get to the area to select a port, i have a banner which asked me if i like to use all ports or select ports

    its automactily gone to all ports and i cant change it , but the buttons on the banner which says select , next back or cancell …..the button which i want to use ( NEXT) is washed out so all i have is back or cancel options????????

    so i cant move forward in the menu

    any suggestions?



    windows has to be able to detect the modem before winfax will even see it. So, first make sure Windows XP has the modem installed properly and you can see it, and perform a diagnostics test in Windows.

    I suggest looking at some of the technical pages at

    here are a few pages to look at:


    also make sure no other software is loaded in Windows that is taking control of the modem that you may not be aware of…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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