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    WinFax was working well tonight, but the Computer closed down during a send. Upon Rebooting, Every listing in the Outbox was lost, although the Sent log is OK. When I try to look at the Outbox, it appears empty and then I receive a message that WinFax PRO has encountered a problem and has had to shut down. I am questioned about sending a report to Microsoft, and whether the answer is yes or no, it then closes down.
    I then rebuild my list of fax numbers in the Send, then when I hit send, nothing happens. It does not go to the Outbox, and I am back to the same routine.
    Can you please help. 🙁


    Problem is partially solved.
    I managed to rebuild the logs – but they just sit in the Outbox, and nothing is happening. 62 faxes to send.

    Apologies but I am finding it hard to navigate into the forums. This is since I subscribed to the Premium Membership. Is there any Document that gives guidance.

    I now need to find the instructions that will start sending automatically from the Outbox – I know they are there in the forums, somewhere.


    First, check to see if the modem is properly set for the items in the outbox. To do this you need to add two column headings in the outbox display.

    To change the details displayed in the headings:

    In Message Manager, click Go, and then click Outbox.
    Right-click on any column heading.
    Select the available details from the list you want to display, choose “DEVICE USED” and “DEVICE CHOSEN”.

    Your outbox should now have two additional fields, and your modem should be listed on one of them, or it should say “First Available”.

    Right click the event in the outbox and select SEND NOW. It should start sending.

    IF it does not, then click RESUBMIT and then click SEND.
    You may have to do this for each fax if the modem is not listed correctly.


    I have been on holiday for 5 weeks. Just started up Winfax. Everything went well but it will not send. The modem test says it is active and OK. When I hit send it tries to send, but no line status dialogue box appears so I cannot tell why it does not connect to the fax line through the modem.

    Are there any other tests I can do? Tue D-Link DFM 562E External modem is fitted to TAPI and is ticked. It tries to connect to the line and then stops. How do I locate the Line Status Dialogue box?

    Any other ideas on why it tries to connect and then stops.


    in program setup, under “Call Status …” there should be an option to “Display status dialog”
    this will display the Line Status dialog box when sending or receiving faxes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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