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    I seem to be having problems sending faxes. The Modem will click on and the recieving fax machine will ring, but it will hang on connecting for about 40 seconds. It will attempt to re-fax 3 times then it will print a send fax failure message.

    I am running windows XP sp3, the modem is a conexant CX11252-4. I have tried installing generic drivers for the conexant modems and tried using the xp ones but still nothing happening.

    Recieving faxes seems to be intermittent, as some people can send faxes to winfax but others can’t.

    Can anyone help?



    That modem is a software based fax modem


    usually , these types of modems are unreliable. This is especially noticeable if you are using a slower PC, or one that is used for other tasks at the same time. Anything running in the background that uses CPU resources can cause unreliable faxing with these type of fax modems. It is difficult to diagnose the problem because the same modem might work perfectly in System A, but fail in System B, or may have worked before and now is failing after upgrading the OS, or some software (like AntiVirus etc.)

    If you want to continue to use this modem I suggest installing the actual drivers that came with the fax modem. The Generic Conexant drivers, or the default XP drivers may not be sufficient for faxing. To determine the actual fax modem manufacturer, you might have to look at the hardware physically for any manufacturer model #s, or check the FCC ID code (if one exists ) and look up the manufacturer based on this code.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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