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    I am running XP Pro sp3, & Winfax 10.02.

    I have not used the program for a few years but now need to recover some important old data on it.

    When last used I copied & pasted the data file onto cd.

    I have reinstalled Winfax 10.02, closed running processes, then renamed data file from the new install to “Dataoriginal”,
    I then copied & pasted the old data file (obviously called Data) from the winfax group I had saved,
    Restarted the computer then can only find 1 sent file, & about 8 received, from hundreds of faxes sent & received.

    My old data file is about 283MB

    I have tried everything I can think of, have deleted & reinstalled Winfax a number of times.

    This is driving me mad, can anyone help?

    P.S I have tried to rebuild and optimise files


    The first step is to determine if your log structures contain the faxes you believe they should contain.

    On your CD backup, search for files with Status name…such as Status.wfb
    You should have about 14 status files. such as:


    and, optionally status.dmp (not required)

    This is your MAIN log structure ( the send/receive/outbox/wastebasket folders). They contain the contents of the logs. They do not contain the faxes, but they store the filenames of the faxes and the information about the fax that appear in the log folders. Without a proper log structure, you can’t view the faxes easily within WinFax PRO. So if they don’t appear in the log, they don’t exist to WinFax even if the fax file is present in the WinFax Data folder.

    Sometimes, its possible that you created another log structure (called a Message Store) it would have a different name, but the filenames would have the same structure as above. For example, if you called the Message Store “Old Faxes” , you might have 14 files with the names (oldfaxes.wfb… oldfaxes2.wfd .. etc)

    Phonebooks are also created in similar file structure, so don’t confuse a phonebook with a log. The default phonebook is called MY-PH-PK …(my-ph-pk.wfb, … … my-ph-pks.wfd .. … … etc) and if you created phonebooks with other names, they would have a portion of the phonebook name included in the filenames.

    You could send me a copy of the status files (zip all 14 files and e-mail them to [email protected]) and I can verify what is included in these logs (if it just has 8 received faxes and 1 sent fax as you found) Just a note that I will see the entries in the logs (but not the actual fax pages) but any phone/fax a numbers and names etc. would be visible. So if it is a privacy concern then please do not send them,


    I received your log structure files, and unfortunately, those files only contain 14 received log entries and 1 sent fax entry all dated from February 2005. It looks like you’ll probably have to manually search for the faxes you require (assuming they exist) unless you can find another log file structure that might have the data you’re looking for.

    Alternatively, you can manually find fax images you need. What faxes are you looking for? Sent or received faxes? If you know exactly what you are looking for, with a date/time, a received or sent fax, # of pages etc. you can narrow down your search and find the actual fax images you require and print them out or export them to another format etc. for your reference.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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