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    Many of you are aware that we have had some problems with Symantecs WinFaxPro on Win XP. Here is some history from our end in trying to resolve the problems:

    3rd party software worked fine with version 10 and 10.0 of WinfaxPro. However these versions had problems on Windows XP. Symantecs then released version 10.01 and disabled many features of the 3rd party SDK (software development kit) as this was a big headache for their support.

    Due to complaints, they then released 10.02 with many features put back in, but not all – and declared that the SDK was no longer supported but provided for those that wanted to use it. Unfortunately, what we needed was still not there.

    Due to more complaints, they have now released version 10.03. I received an early 10.03 and still had problems, so on a recommendation from a customer, I called and had a later 10.03 build sent to me. This version seems to be fixed back to what 10.0 was, but works with XP. While mostly stable, we have noticed some problems and inconsistencies. But in general it now works.

    As of today I do not believe you can get this in the stores, but must call technical support at Symantecs in order to receive a replacement CD with 10.03. State to them that you need this for 3rd party software and they should send it to you (it did take more than 2 weeks to arrive). You do have to call support, open an incident report and then justify a reason for wanting this replacement.

    That is the history from our end behind the WinFaxPro problems. So if you are experiencing any issues with faxing, check your WinFax Pro version (Help:About) and then contact Symantecs – again.


    I contacted Symantec by e-mail and quoted them your posting (see above). Here is what they said (yesterday evening):


    Thank you for contacting Symantec Online Technical Support.

    Sorry, but the response from your provider is not entirely accurate. If you have WinFax PRO 10.03, you already have the latest release of the program. There is only ONE release of WinFax PRO 10.03, it is the one you now have.

    The WinFax 10.02 10.03 SDK was not tested with Windows XP. There are no plans at this time for further development or updating of the SDK by Symantec. Sorry if that causes you any problems, but your answer might be to find another fax product that supports your VB DDE functionality on Windows XP.

    Note: There are some 10.02 customers who say that 10.03 “fixed” their SDK issues, but since there is no further testing I cannot guarantee that.


    This came from a “Senior WinFax Technician of Symantec Authorized Technical Support”

    Any comment?


    Only comment is what I was found. I went back and looked and there was two different build numbers that I received from Symantec, though both were exceptionally hard to get.

    I am currently running “Winfax Pro 10.03, 10.0.2002.1212, 12-00-02587”. The prior one I received was “10.03, 10.0.2002.1002…” (at least that is what I have written down from one of my phone conversations with them. Maybe that first one was a build I got prior to release (I know I have complained enough to them over the last 2 years!!!).

    Lastly, I can only repeat what I have found. Most everything I was using works, however not consistently. One time it will work, the next time it will not until I have done something, such as a preliminary fax first. So I have not determined all the intricacies.

    If you are working with VB, and you are on Windows XP or 2000 or 2003, I would definitely look at WinFax32 (Microsofts’ calls work great, but with limitations). We are heading that way with all our future development.


    I have exactly the same build of WinFax as you are currently running – it never works with the GetFaxing Word macros no matter what I do before, after or during use of Word and/or WinFax!

    What is WinFax32?

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