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    Has anyone ever succesfully gotten Fax Sharing to work with Windows XP SP2 Clients connecting to a Windows 2003 Server Host station?

    I am working with two XP clients trying to utilize fax sharing to a 2003 Server Host using WinFax 10.04 on the clients and 10.03 on the server. No matter what I have done so far I get the “Access Deined” error message that seems to be fairly common from reading other posts. On both clients I have all Windows Firewall settings disabled as well as the Windows 2003 Server.

    I understand Symantec says they do not support server platforms but I could sware I got this working in the past but since it has been so long I don’t remember if there was anything special I had did to make it work.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




    i suggest starting with version 10.03 installed on both the host and clients, otherwise, they’ll never connect because of different versions. (If you see “Access is denied” then there is something else wrong, if it works, you’ll see a message regarding the version of WinFax is not the same as the Host machine.)

    installing on the Windows 2003 Server machine may be a challenge, and yes, its not recommended. if you can avoid it, and install on another Windows XP machine, do that.


    Thanks for the reply. Actually I had fixed the problem. I had installed 10.03 on my Win2K3 server and updated to 10.04 on all my WinXP stations. I still had the problem. Found out that my Win2K3 station had a newer version of the oleaut32.dll file which is located in :WindowsSystem32 folder. All my XP stations had older versions of that file. Once I updated all my XP stations with the same version of that file all worked out well. I remember reading that somewhere on the web but don’t remember the link. Hope this helps anyone else having this issue.

    Sorry for forgetting to update this thread.



    Good to hear that fixed the problem, yes, you probably read the OLEAUT32.DLL solution from one of Symantec documents as it is posted as part of the Fax Sharing Troubleshooting document from Symantec
    I’ll include it here for those interested…

    the version of Oleaut32.dll file that I am using between two Windows XP SP2 machines is:


    DCOM/OLE files

    Check to make sure that Oleaut32.dll file is the correct version. Both the Fax or Message Sharing Host and Client should be using the same version of this file.

    Exit all open programs, and stop the WinFax PRO or TalkWorks PRO service if you are running Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000.

    Click Start, point to Find, and click Files or Folders. The Find dialog box appears.

    From the Look In drop-down list, select the drive on which you installed WinFax PRO/TalkWorks PRO.

    In the Named field, type OLEAUT32.DLL and click Find Now. Windows displays all files matching the search criteria.

    Select the found file, click File, and click Properties.

    Click the Version tab.

    Click Product Version from the Item Name list and note the file version on the right side.

    Copy the most recent version of the file found to all other Fax Sharing or Message Sharing clients.

    Restart all computers.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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