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    We are using the winfax sdk in one of our applications. We are updating our app to use .pdf files instead of .tif files. The winfax sdk handles converting .tif files to the winfax format for faxing, but there is no documentation on how to handle .pdf files. Is this possible with WinFax Pro 10.0?

    This is urgent. Thanks!!!


    yes this is possible, you would have to attach the pdf file to winfax, it should automatically convert the fax. You would have to also have Adobe acrobat installed on the PC.


    I am able to attach and send pdf files now from my Windows 2000 Professional machine, but when I try and do the same with Windows 2000 Server, the acrobat opens up in the systray and the message box stating that winfax is converting the document shows on the screen. It sticks there and does not convert. It is something with the the Windows 2000 Server, I’m thinking. Any suggestions?


    you can try wiping out the attach.db file, sometimes corruption in the file causes attachments to fail. Also check the temporary attachments folder if you have one (within the attachments area in WinFax)

    Here is how to reset the attach.db file ** note you will lose all attachments library information in WinFax when you do this ***

    Rename the file Attach.db, then reconstruct the Attachments library as follows:

    1. Exit WinFax and the Controller.
    2. Click Start, point to Find, then click Files or Folders. The Find: All Files dialog box appears.
    3. In the Named field enter ATTACH.DB.
    4. In the Look In dropdown menu, select the drive on which WinFax or TalkWorks is installed.
    5. Click ‘Find Now’.
    6. Select the file, right click, then click Rename.
    7. Rename ATTACH.DB to ATTACH.OLD, then press Enter.
    8. Restart WinFax and relink all existing attachments back into WinFax.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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