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    Is winfax 10.3 compatible with Vista?



    No version of WinFax is compatible with Vista


    @Moderator wrote:

    No version of WinFax is compatible with Vista

    Hi, i’m new to the forum. I recently purchsed a laptop with MS Vista (Business) and installed WinfaxPRO 10.02 on it. The installation completed without any hitch, but the CSID problem came about. I followed the ‘Pinned’ solution and it worked just fine (although the procedure is not exactly the same in Vista, the principle is). My advise to other new users is to read as many articles in the forum as possible as a lot of the FAQ have been answered and solutions found for them. Thanks guys for the good work, its so unfortunate that Symantec has let us down on such an incredible product! I’ve tried other products, including MS Vista’s Fax & Scan program and none come any closer to WinfaxPRO in terms of functionality and flexibility.!


    I have a few questions, did the WinFax printer drivers install? Can you send a fax from within any application by clicking File, Print, WinFax?

    if you click on Setup, User , and click on the “Fax Number” or “Voice Number” fields, does WinFax crash?

    Have you tried adding a Fax Client or Host? Does Vista report that TCP/IP is not installed?

    WinFax is unstable in Vista, even if it does install, its not going to work properly.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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