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    For some reason, after defining a default cover page in WinFax 10.0 Pro, CoverPages.Count began raising an exception: -2147417851 (&#3680010105) “The server threw an exception.”

    Anyone else seen this? I have to uninstall and reinstall to make the error go away.


    See this message thread.


    This is a problem with the cover.db database file.


    Thanks. Since I’m having to integrate WinFax into a commercial application, the solution posted can’t be used, but I appreciate it. What I ended up doing was create a counter from 1..1000 and then when I get an access violation, I know I’ve come to the end of the list. This is very ugly, indeed, but since the WinFax stuff is broke, there’s very little one can do. If the WinFax stuff used standard COM collections it would be much easier.


    Rebuilding the cover.db file should resolve the problem, as you only have to do this when the file becomes corrupted. Although trapping the error in your code would be a good idea too.


    Does this mean it only has to be rebuilt once?…or must it be rebuilt each time someone selects a default cover page, other than the default pages defined on installation?




    Yes, it only has to be rebuilt when the file gets corrupted, why the file gets corrupted is unknown. Will it happen again? Possibly, then you would have to either delete or rebuild the cover.db file


    Thank you for your help.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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