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    I have Windows XP operating system and have had a problem the last month with receiving faxes. After 2 rings the line disconnects and I can not get the fax even though I get a pop up window saying a new fax was received. I previously had no problem but all of a sudden I obtained only a partial fax one day and since then have not been receiving any. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it and that didn’t solve the problem. The modem is a PCI SoftV92 Speakerphone Modem and appears to be working properly when tested since it shows the following: COM3: Modem found
    This modem supports: Fax, Data, Voice
    with speakerphone capabilities.
    Max fax transmit speed: 14400 bps
    Max fax receive speed: 14400 bps
    Fax Class: Class 1
    Voice Type: Voice101

    The digital phone line is only used to receive and send faxes. Anyone have any suggestions? Help please


    There are a few items to check for,

    1. Do you have any other devices connected on the same telephone line? such as a fax machine, an all-in-one printer device, or voice mail/an answering machine? If so, disable or disconnect them so they do not interfere when WinFax answers the call.

    2. Do you have WinFax set to answer in 1 ring? Try adjusting this to 2 or more rings. Some modems have difficulty answering when set at 1 ring, and could immediately hang up at the 2nd ring that you hear.

    3. Is there an error message in the log for the failed event? You can see the error message by clicking on the “Show Information” option after selecting the failed fax entry that appears in the log. (assuming a failed fax entry appears in the log)

    4. Have you recently changed your telephone services? are you using a cable telephone service? (bundled with your cable company?)

    5. Do you have similar problems sending faxes?


    Thanks for your prompt reply. The following are answers to the questions posed.

    1. There are no other devices connected to the same phone line.

    2. Winfax was set at 2 rings. I have now reset this to 4 rings.

    3. After uninstalling and reinstalling the program there are no failed fax entries in the log. After I reinstalled the
    program I did receive the Symantec “welcome” messages in my receive log. All other entries are “phone call without
    message” and “call cancelled”

    4, I moved to a new location in October and have a bundled service with Comcast that includes Internet, Phone and Cable
    TV. However, I did not have this problem until the end of January. Also, I prevously had Internet and Phone service with
    Comcast at my previous location.

    5. I have not attempted sending any faxes since this problem started. The program is primarily used to receive faxes. More
    of my communications lately have been e-mail attachments rather than faxes.


    Its difficult to determine if the problem is due to the phone line, or the modem/software itself. I would suggest trying to send a fax to see if you can accomplish this. The phone line you are using is VoIP, and is not ideal for sending or receiving faxes. Fax machines work best with analog phone lines, not digital (VoIP) type lines. The easiest way to determine if the problem is with the line would be to connect the fax modem to a analog phone line, and try receiving a fax.


    Thanks for your help but I decided to uninstall Winfax and use RingCentral for my faxes. I was able to port my same fax number to them it actually costs me less than a second line with Comcast. So far the set up is working very well.


    glad to hear that an internet fax service is working for you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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