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    I am running 10.03 on Win XP.

    Send/receive had been working fine, but as of yesterday, when I receive faxes, the transmission gets stuck after the first page and only the top quarter of the first page is displayed. If it is a multiple-page fax, the other pages after page one won’t come through and the fax is stuck in the receive box with a lightning bolt next to it. I have no issues with sending faxes however.

    Any suggestions as to how to fix this? Thanks.


    If you are getting a stuck fax in the receive log with the lightning bolt, the first thing to do is remove it from the log. A corrupt fax entry can cause any future faxes you receive (or send) to fail. You can attempt to remove the entry by dragging and dropping it into the Wastebasket folder. In most cases, it should successfully delete unless there is corruption in the log file.

    The next step would be to rebuild the send and receive logs. To do this, close WinFax and start WinFax Tools. Click on Logs & Phonebooks. Click on Rebuild Send/Receive Logs. Click Yes to rebuild. When the dialog box appears, select the “status.wfb” file listed and click OK.

    Once the database is rebuilt, you can start WinFax and try receiving faxes, I recommend trying to receive from more than one location (fax machine) to determine if a specific fax machine is causing the failure. Sometimes a incompatibility problem with a fax modem and a specific type of fax machine (or its configuration) can cause WinFax to fail. You can also try a test via HP’s Fax Test Line, send a test fax to 1-888-473-2963 , and a return fax will be sent to you within a few minutes (it will retreive caller id info to send back a fax to you)

    If problems persist after rebuilding the logs, and you’ve determined the problem isn’t specific to a single fax machine, then you need to look at other issues such as if there was any change to the operating system, such as an major update like a service pack (service pack 2 or 3?), or a Modem driver update. At that point you would need to provide more details on the type of fax modem you are using, along with the current fax modem settings in WinFax.

    also, it is possible there is a line noise on the phone line you are using. Assuming you are using a regular telephone line, you can check the line by plugging a regular telephone in the line and deteremine if there is any static or noise overtop the dialtone you hear. This can cause faxes to fail. If you are using DSL internet service, confirm that all the necessary filters are added to your telephones & fax modem (if required).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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