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    A caller – maybe a junk fax – starts receive but Winfax remains in receive mode (lightning symbol) for ever. I can’t delete the entry and Winfax will not do anything. I have developed a work-around – I create a new message folder, transfer the item from the receive log to there, and then delete the message folder. That’s the only way I can get reid of the incoming call and restore normal operation.
    Is there an easier way of dealing with this problem?


    You can try this to see if it helps,

    Download WinFaxToosFull.exe
    click on Logs & Phonebooks button
    click on Call Logging
    In the Call Logging option,
    what options are enabled here? take a note of what is enabled/disabled for your records.
    disable both checks and click OK.

    by default these options are disabled but I have seen some cases where some are enabled from a previous upgrade from another version of WinFax such as TalkWorks.

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    Both the options were enabled and I have disenabled them. As this problem only occurs about once or twice a year it will be some time before I can judged whether it has been overcome. But I am optimistic. Thanks.


    this prevents a “lightning bolt” log entry from being created / displayed in the receive log until the fax is complete. Hopefully it should eliminate the problem for you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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