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    I am having considerable issues with WinFax PRO. Possibly someone can help. I have searched the Symantec website and forums, and read everything remotely connected to the problem here without success.

    I am running Windows XP Home SP1 and WinFAX PRO 10.03, Office XP. The autoupdate feature is on. progressively over the last few months the WinFax PRO 10.0 installation became unstable. I support a MS Access application that faxes directly using WinFax PRO API.

    Eventually, I *purchased* the 10.03 version, and did a clean install, zipping the existing data directory, and not importing the original logs. I have repaired Word XP.

    Not only does my MS Access application not function as before, but I cannot:
    Fax from Word XP
    Fax from Excel XP
    Attach a Word/Excel/ PDF to a new fax manually

    This is the same whether using the WinFax macro or the Getfaxing macro. I am not using any styles or have them installed.

    The faxing does work. I can attach a fax image to a new fax.

    When trying to fax from Word, either by selecting the Fax printer, or using the File->Winfax menu, you can see the file go to the fax printer quue, watch it print and disappear. The fax images appear in the data directory and the send screen opens, but without any attached pages. You can manually add the fax images by opening the Insert->Files menu option and selecting the .FXD files.

    When attaching a Word document to the manual fax send by selecting Insert->Files and selecting a file, WinFax prompts for photo quality/fast, and after responding (makes no difference which I select), the send dialog status bar says ‘Launching Microsoft Word’, the printer queue shows the file being printed, the fax page images appear in the data directory, but do not get attached to the fax!

    Under 10.0 (fresh install) attaching a document you can see it go to the printer, and WinFax says it’s printing, but no fax image appears in the data directory, or in the fax dialog box.

    I’m really at my wits end here. I’ve tried everything I can think of, and read everything I could find.



    In desperation, I moved the modem to a -relatively- clean machine using XP Pro rather than XP Home, and installed 10.03. The faxing from Word XP is OK now, and so is manual attachments to a new fax.

    One the original issues that caused the upgrade is still there though. In my MS Access application, I create fax attachments using the MakeAttachment method, specifying the filename and directory (using an MS Access report I have to use SetPrintfromApp(1), but the file no longer appears, but a the file (under a temp name) does appear in the WinFax data directory.

    Go figure. I would be most interested to know why the code and WinFax stopped behaving, and *really* need to know why the api call has stopped functioning… but that’s for the SDK forum where I see that others are having a similar problem.

    I reverted the WinFax install to 10.0 and everything works fine!

    Now the question is whether to whether to apply SP2 (currently SP1) or let the autoupdate feature take hold…


    WinFax PRO 10.02 under Windows XP has problems with SDK functions. It has been said that version 10.03 does correct some of the problems, but it may not correct the functions you are using (such as MakeAttachment)

    Symantec has not released any official statement regarding what has been corrected in 10.03 that is related to the SDK.

    Is there any reason why you must use version 10.03 (or 10.02) instead of 10.0 or 10.01? In most cases, 10.0 will work fine with Windows XP.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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