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    Our old NT4 server running winfax pro 9 died the other day after 9 years of great server. After battling with v9 on a Win2K server which would not install the Winfax printer I gave up and got a copy of 10.03.

    The printer installs and appears, still with the ‘cannot stop the Print spooler’ message so that part is done manually. The strange thing is that I get the message to the effect that the printer has been installed but won’t be fully functional until the system has been rebooted. When the system reboots the Winfax and Winfax (Photo Quality) printers have vanished. The Event logs show SYSTEM entries stating printer queues being purged and printers deleted. I can run INSPRINT to recreate the printers but still get the “Retry???” message, and printers get automatically deleted on reboot.

    I have already copied framedyn.dll to the c:winntsystem32 directory but that doesn’t help.

    The other strange thing is that any attempt to print to the “Winfax (Photo Quality)” printer causes an instant server crash/reboot.

    I’m stuck with Winfax as we’re using it for printing faxes from SAP (version 3.0F – yes that’s 3.0F!) via SAPlpd.

    Any advice most appreciated.


    Symantec’s official statement is they don’t support Windows NT servers (Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2003 Server)

    you might want to check this thread regarding Kernel Mode Printer drivers and Windows NT Server, might provide some suggestions


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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