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    We have been exhausting ourselves in attempting to get any response from Symantec to assist in overcoming our serious problem with WinFax PRO 10.02.

    Have been using Winfax for all our facsimile transmissions for the past 9 years but now, with installing a later new computer –(Windows XP Pro/SP1 & 2)…. when we attempt to install the WinFax PRO 10.02 it ‘bombs out’ and despite all efforts cannot be installed.

    Operating System: Windows XP Pro
    Windows 2003

    Appreciate any help
    Happy New Year



    can you describe more where the problem occurs when you install WinFax PRO 10.02
    At what point of the installation does it stop. Does it display any error messages?


    I am having the same problem, the error occurs after the installation is complete, but not yet finalized. Before it is finalized you have to put in your Fax Number and other bits of information, however whenever you click on any of the text boxes associated with the bits of information, the install wizard skips over the rest and says to restart the computer because it’s finished (when it really isn’t). So, after restarting the computer and TRYING to start the program (had to find it in the Program Files because nothing had been added to the start menu) it says that I need to finalize the program. That’s almost exactly what happens.


    I have the same problem. Please post the new link again. Thanks

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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