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    I work for a commercial general contractor and use WinFax to send out notices to subcontractors about upcoming projects to bid.

    I have the “master list” in “My Phonebook” (right now ~2100 names). I set up a folder to contain the list of subs that I want to send the notice out to, and a typical project folder will contain only 250 names. I’ll name the folder after the project like “Chili’s Restaurant South”. Each project is unique, so I pick and choose the appropriate trade subs for the project folder (i.e. if a job does not have carpet flooring, I don’t send the notice out to any carpet subs). I save the folders for each project because we may be bidding a similar job in 6 months, and I would like to simply copy the list from “Chili’s Restaurant South” into a new folder like “Chili’s Rest. North” for example.

    The problem is that once I copy a company into a project folder, and let’s say that next week he calls and says he has a new fax number – if I correct his fax number in the master list My Phonebook, Winfax does not correct his fax number in any of the subordinate folders. Therefore the information in the project folder “Chili’s Restaurant South” is already out of date and full of eroneous fax numbers.

    Is there a way to link the data in all phonebooks and folders so that I only have to correct the “master list” and it fixes the data in all folders?

    I worked for a larger company in the late 90’s that used Goldmine to fax out this same type of notices, and keep the database of area subcontractors. Goldmine was good but it was a very expensive monster. Is there something better than WinFax out there?


    Yes, probably Goldmine or ACT! will get around this problem. Unfortunately when you copy phonebook entries into folders, there are just that, copies. They are not changed when you update the original entry.

    You can “link” a phonebook from another source, but that will not allow you to create sub-folders.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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