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    Hi, i’m disperatly, 5 years with WinFax Pro 10.00 on WinNT4 Server, Covers, Archives, Addresses & now, i install a new Win2003 Server R2 & i can’t install Winfax Pro 10.02-3-4.
    Why, help me please, i must use Winfax, what can i do ??
    Thank x all.


    Error Installing Print Drivers x Winfax Printer.


    here is something you can try. Disable “Kernel Mode Printer driver blocking” in Windows Server 2003 (TURN IT OFF, it is probably “Enabled”)


    Once you do this, try re-installing WinFax. I think you can then re-enable “Kernal Mode Printer driver blocking” as outlined in the Microsoft document to go back to the original configuration. According to Microsoft, this driver blocking is enabled in Windows Server 2003 and not in Windows XP.

    This blocking is probably causing your original error message 1930.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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