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    i am using winfax PRO at work. I send faxes to it from an Editor in a database called Maximizer. Sometimes, when i print a fax, it displays an error message stating that something is not active. Another time, when i print the fax, it seems like it goes through, but the fax doesn’t make it to the outbox window in Message Manager, and the fax is not sent in either case. thanks


    If you receive the error “WinFax is not active for this account.”

    There can be many reasons for this,
    The most common reason is that WinFax PRO controller is not active. You will need to start the Controller first, the attempt to “print” to WinFax from Maximizer.

    To test that WinFax is printing faxes properly,
    Start WinFax Controller (yellow fax icon should appear in system tray).
    Go to Control Panel, Printers.
    Right click “WinFax” printer or “WinFax (Photo Quality)” , click Properties.
    Click Print Test Page.
    WinFax Send Screen should now appear with the Windows XP test page and a cover page (if selected)

    if it does not appear, you have a problem with the WinFax PRO printer driver that can be resolved with a subscription to WinFax Tools (No Pages Fix) option.


    Thanks for your help

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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