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    if nothing is showing in your printers, that indicates that your Printer Spooler is not re-starting after it has been stopped by WinFax.

    During the installation of WinFax, WinFax will stop the windows printer spooler so it can install the 2 winfax specific printer drivers, somewhere during this process the installation of the printer driver fails and/or the printer spooler cannot re-start.

    when you go to control panel / printers, and the printer spooler is NOT running, you will see no printers installed. They will all be missing.

    you can manually start the printer spooler by clicking on START, RUN and typing “NET START SPOOLER” and enter

    at this point, the spooler should start properly and printers should appear in the control panel/printers again.

    If you get a message during installation that WinFax cannot “Stop the spooler”, then you can click START, RUN, and type “NET STOP SPOOLER” to stop the spooler service.


    OK, i will try this about the Spool…

    What about the a fact that I cannot get winfax to startup without going to the .exe file? And then when it is started it will not go into auto receive mode?


    What about the a fact that I cannot get winfax to startup without going to the .exe file? And then when it is started it will not go into auto receive mode?

    i’m guessing its a problem that some registry entries were not added properly. In addition, you should have “wfxsnt40.exe” process running also also set to automatically startup (in your Windows startup.) If you are using WinFax PRO 10.02 or higher, you should also have another program called “wfxswtch.exe” also running (and auto starting in Windows).

    Running WTNSETUP should properly configure all the registry keys and setup the modem again. Again, if you have problems with the spooler you’ll have to manually start or stop it using the steps I mentioned above.

    If this still fails:

    Other option is to install WinFax in “Windows Safe” mode, safe mode starts windows in a minimum state, preventing any possible conflicts with the installation of WinFax with other programs you might be using.

    We recommend using the “Safe Mode (With Networking)” option.


    While in Safe mode you may not be able to start the spooler, so in this case you would click CANCEL to the message “Unable to start spooler..” and WinFax should continue with the install without installing printer drivers.

    When prompted to select a modem, you may find that there is no modem to select. (Safe mode won’t load your modem drivers) In this case, select “WinFax PRO Fax Sharing…” and when prompted “If you want to setup this now..” choose “No.”

    If the setup completes without any errors, then you can reboot back into Windows normally and run WTNSETUP again to configure the modem properly.

    You may also need to to run INSPRINT.EXE from the WinFax folder to manually install the WinFax PRO Printer drivers.

    We use this option sometimes with our Premium Support Customers if we have too many problems during the installation.

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Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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