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    Like most of you, I have had years of problems/fixes/patches and updates to deal with. I’ve always been able to get things working. Now I’ve hit a blank wall.

    I recently bought a new laptop, so I installed winfax 10.03, setup my user accounts, and ran the patch for 10.04. Everything worked, I connected to the server, sent some faxes, life was good.

    I restarted my computer. SIlly thing to do. Now my Winfax Pro 10.04 thinks it is winfax basic! The title says pro, the about says pro, but the tools tellme that the client and host functions are only available in thepro version: would I like to buy it now?

    Before I start again from scratch (which is actually harder thah starting again from scratch), has anyone seen this behavior? I sthere something I can do, short of a re-install.

    And before someone gets snippy, this is a LEGAL copy of the software – I’ve been supporting winfax since they were Delrina.



    A common problem…there are a couple of items you can try, however, Symantec won’t disclose more info because if they do you could easily convert a “WinFax Basic Edition” version to a full version fairly easily.

    This is what Symantec has to say on the issue:

    Install the correct language update:

    Installing an update for a language other than the language you are running can cause this problem to occur.
    Download and install the correct language update, and then restart the computer.

    Run Wtnsetup.exe

    Exit all open programs and stop the WinFax PRO service if running Windows NT.
    Click Start, point to Find, and click Files or Folders. The Find dialog box appears.
    Select the drive on which you installed WinFax PRO/TalkWorks PRO from the Look In drop-down list.
    In the Named field, type wtnsetup.exe and click Find Now. Windows will find and display all files matching the search criteria in the lower half of the Find dialog box.
    Double-click the Wtnsetup.exe file and follow the prompts through reconfiguring WinFax PRO/TalkWorks PRO.
    Restart the system for the changes to take effect.
    Restart WinFax PRO or TalkWorks PRO.

    The third option is to simply reinstall overtop your existing version. This should correct the problem.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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