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    I’m trying to make a decision on what Fax SDK to use in a new application I am developing. Faxing is a fairly important part of this application and I need a system that will be reliable. I’ve been reading through the forums here and am concerned by the problems described with 10.02 and Win XP in particular and Symantec’s seeming disinterest in supporting this product.

    What I’m looking for is user feedback from other developers who have used or are using the WinFAX SDK. Would you recommend this as a development tool? I find the price tag of WinFAX appealing versus the high price of the FaxMan SDK. Are there other good products you would recommend? If using WinFAX 10.0 with Windows XP, is this combination reliable? Do the SDK APIs provide you with the functionality you need? Or they easy to use?

    Thanks for your feedback and happy coding,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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