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    Now included on the Version 10.0 CD-ROM, the WinFax Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of three documents that software developers can use to either extend the functionality of WinFax or leverage WinFax’s functionality as part of another software application. The SDK uses application programming interfaces (APIs), which employ Microsoft’s Component Object Model (COM) technology.

    The WinFax SDK includes three components:

    Application Software Development Kit (Application SDK)
    Now included on the Version 10.0 CD-ROM, the Application SDK allows you to extend the functionality of WinFax or use WinFax’s functionality in another application.With the Application SDK, you can access and modify WinFax message logs, phonebooks, cover pages and attachments. You can also automate the faxing process, allowing you to add fax functionality to your application.

    The Application SDK provides external applications with automated access to WinFax functionality that is otherwise available only within the context of WinFax. The application SDK includes the following:
    Send interface – allows you to automate faxing functions and “fax-enable” your application
    Application configuration interface – allows you to enable/disable automatic reception and receive a list of configured devices that WinFax can use
    Cover page collection interface – exposes the WinFax Cover pages
    Cover page interface – allows you to access a specific cover page
    Attachment collection interface – exposes the WinFax attachments
    Attachment interface – allows you to access a specific attachment
    Event notification interface – allows you to obtain information about events in WinFax, including those submitted with the Send interface
    Phonebook interface – allows you to access WinFax Phonebooks for operations (enumeration, deletion, addition, etc) on folders, groups and users
    Log interface – allows you to access the logs for operations (enumeration, deletion, addition) on folders and messages
    View/Play interface – displays/plays faxes/voice messages based on unique identifiers
    Image conversion interface – allows you to convert to/from the proprietary WinFax FX? Format
    TalkWorks Scripting Language Documentation – allows you to create sophisticated interactive voice and messaging systems using the TalkWorks automated attendant, voice mail and fax on demand systems (applies to TalkWorks PRO only — not included with WinFax PRO)

    What’s Included

    The Application SDK includes the following:
    Application programming objects – Includes the following objects: Send; Cover Page; Attachment; Phonebook; Event Notification; Log; View/Play; Image File Conversion; Application Configuration; TalkWorks Scripting Language
    Application SDK documentation
    Sample code files
    Implementation Guidelines
    The Application SDK has been specifically designed to be accessible to corporate Visual Basic developers.

    Phonebook Development Kit (PDK)

    Now included on the Version 10.0 CD-ROM, the PDK allows you to provide read-only access to external Phonebook data. With the PDK, you can make your contact manager, personal information manager, database or other Phonebook information available within the WinFax user interface. As a dynamic link, the PDK allows you to provide users with instant access to updates of your centralized Phonebook information.

    About the Phonebook Development Kit

    The PDK is a 32-bit application programming interface (API) that provides read-only access to external phonebooks from within WinFax. For the purposes of the PDK, an external Phonebook is any third party application that can provide electronic Phonebook data such as fax phone numbers and voice phone numbers to WinFax. Examples of external phonebooks include ACT! and Lotus Organizer.

    Using the PDK specification, you can create a PDK DLL (also called a PDK Plug-in) to transparently link Phonebook information from any external Phonebook to WinFax.

    The PDK DLL reads external Phonebook data, converts that data to a format understandable by WinFax, and then communicates that information to the WinFax user interface. As a result, the external Phonebook data is accessible from both the Send dialog and the Phonebooks window, just like a regular WinFax Phonebook.

    What’s Included:

    The PDK includes:

    PDK application programming interface – A set of specifications and definitions you can use to create your own PDK DLL.
    PDK documentation
    PDK Header files
    Sample code
    Implementation Guidelines

    The PDK assumes that you have at least a working knowledge of C++ and Microsoft Win32 API, as well as a basic knowledge of Microsoft COM and MAPI (Messaging API). To facilitate implementation, the PDK API has been based on common

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