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    Has anyone experienced any problems with working WinFax code after installing WinXP SP2? I have run into some docs on the Symantec site stating SP2 will interfere with Fax Sharing (faxing from another machine), but nothing to indicate other problems.

    I had code working on Win XP SP1 using WinFax 10.02. I have a client using WinFax 10.03 with SP2 and cannot get this part of my code to work, which creates FXS files to attach later. This code is written in Visual dBase:

    cPrinterWas = GetDefaultPrinter()
    oWinFax1 = new oleautoclient(“Winfax.SDKSend”)
    oIE = new oleautoclient(“InternetExplorer.application”)
    /*Create the FXS files*/
    NOTIFY(“Loading Fax messages, please wait..”)
    oIE.Application.Visible = false
    oIE.Application.Navigate2(form.cFile) //open desired file
    /*We need to insert a slight delay, otherwise the winfax print drivers bring up the sendpreview screen*/
    sleep 5
    *–Set the printer back & close IE OLE object
    oWinFax1 = null
    oIE = null
    release oWinFax1, oIE

    This code executes, but the print job goes off into limbo, & never creates the FXS files. From what many of you state, 10.03 fixed some problems but it seems to have created them for me. The rest of the code using the Send() functions work, but without the FXS files generated (faxes contain graphics, which is why I am generating them) , my faxes are incomplete.

    If anyone has any ideas, let me now.



    I was having problems on a XP Home SP1 (with autoupdates) with 10.0 and tried upgrading to 10.03. This did not help.

    I installed 10.03 on a XP Pro SP1 (no updates) and everyting worked EXCEPT the MakeAttachment method. It refused to make the attachment in the specified directory with the specified name (a necessity as I need to fax reports from MS Access).

    I reverted the installation to 10.0 by uninstalling 10.03 and clean installing 10.0. This now works fine.

    My problem is whether to install SP 2 and see what happens, and be prepared to take the bite in doing a fresh XP SP 1 and turn off the updates if the code fails again.

    It may be just a ‘cluttered’ machine that has the problem eg a ‘fresh’ XP install with SP 2 -may- not have the problem with the code, but that’s an experiment for the near future.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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