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    I have used Winfax for years and recently had a new computer built. I have an internal Lucent modem (transfered from old computer). Winfax will connect to another fax machine on both send and receive. It detects the fax tone on both send and receive but no fax is transmitted. On sending winfax connects, negotiates and trains…as soon as it says training the program closes and the fax is put in the outbox. The new computer put the modem on COM 7. The above situation exists with the modem set to COM 7 or to the TAPI port.
    Any suggestions?


    since you mention the modem is on com7, that indicates either you may have a have a problem or you have other devices that are configured to use com3 and com4.
    If you don’t have other devices using these com ports, then the internal modem should automatically configure itself to com3 or com4 if all is well.

    I would verify that you have the proper updated Windows drivers (Windows XP?) for use with the fax modem, and that it is installed in the proper PCI slot. (Sometimes problems are related to the slot where the modem was installed)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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