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    I would appreciate any suggestions re: an error that I am gettting when trying to fax out of a body shop management system. I am using winfax pro 10.02 and win2000 pro. I just upgraded from windows 98se and winfax was working fine. Now when I try to fax, I get an error from the shop management program, ‘winfax server not found, please start the winfax message manager’. the winfax manager is open and in the task tray. I can manually send faxes out of winfax and can also send out of word. I have spoken with tech support and they have found that the shop management program is looking for a winfax api within the os kernel. this api is generated by winfax when installed. I have uninstalled winfax and reinstalled as well as countless other uninstalls and reinstalls of the shop management system. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Does anyone know where the winfax api is? Thanks..


    try double-clicking the WFXCTL32.REG file in your WINFAX directory then restart Windows / WinFax

    Also did you install as Admininstrator, and log-in as Administrator when starting WinFax?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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