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    i am using Winfax 9.03 on Windows 98 or XP
    i am uploading about 2.000 customer fax-numbers in the phone pook.

    Than i print out a newsletter from word to winfax, selecting all 2.000 customers in phonebook.

    After around 900-1100 fax sendt, winfax and with it the whole pc runs out of memory and stopps working.

    So I turn PC off and on again and then i can sent the next 900-1100 faxes.

    Is there a work around? what may be the reason for this behaviour?



    You should create groups of 500 or less, and print the Word document and save as an attachment. When you are ready to send, select the group and add the attachment you saved previously.

    You then repeat the process for the remaining groups.

    Large amounts of faxes in your send or receive log can also slow winfax down and cause problems sending or receiving, it is recommended you delete or move older faxes to a new archive folder.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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