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    A fax comes into the pc and the recieving box appears on the desktop and all of a sudden it dissapears again and the fax fails.

    There is no error message and I have to go into task manager and shut down all the running parts of winfax and restart it. It then recieves fine.

    Can anyone please help as this is a concern when I am not at the computer


    What type of fax modem are you using?
    Does it happen for all faxes , or just some of them?


    It is only some faxes it fails on and tells me that the modem needs powering?

    The modem is an etec al56uh usb modem..Spec is at this link USB Modem


    the modem settings are
    TAP1 speed-19200
    Class 1 modem type
    connected to- reg or cell (PCS/GSM digital

    Maximum- as fast as possible
    Minimum- Send at any rate

    String- AT&F&D2&C1&K3S7=55
    high pspeed comp is ticked
    Flow control AT+K3

    Reset- ATZ

    And also when we re-start the pc it is okay for a while.


    generally, I don’t recommend “USB” type modems because they have been known to be unreliable with WinFax.

    First ensure you have it setup with the latest drivers for Windows XP (assuming you are using XP)

    try unchecking the compression options in WinFax (High Speed Compression) and the ECM for Sending and ECM for Receiving options.

    If you still have problems

    change Line 1 of the initialization string to:


    Flow Control : AT&K4

    Uncheck Use Hardware Flow Control.


    I will try these settings and let you know..thanx very much

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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