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    When deleting entries from the Phonebook Wastebasket – I have encountered entries that will produce an error when attempting to delete them with the following message:

    The following error occured when attempting to delete a receipient or group

    “call failed”

    Unable to delete the recipient


    I have many entries in the Wastebasket of My Phonebook (about a dozen) that can not be deleted – actually many copies of about 5 entries. The SAME error also occurs in the Shared Phonebook Wastebasket. If you can please provide a solution, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.


    The recommended and 1st suggestion would be to run a rebuild on the default send/receive log and hope that allows you to delete them.

    If you’ve done this and they still don’t delete, the next set of steps would require you to reset your default send/receive logs (which is just deleting your entire default database log files so WinFax recreates new, empty logs). If you want to do that, you have to “move” any faxes you want to keep to another message store or delete them in WinFax. Then , you have to delete a set of database files in the WinFaxData folder. This is not an easy process especially if you have a lot of faxes in the default logs (something you should avoid). You also have to make sure you have applied the “Move/Copy” patch from WinFax Tools or you’ll likely run into the WinFax bug when attempting to moving a log entry to a different message store folder (this serious bug can cause you to lose fax images).

    In summary , If you have a lot of faxes in your default send / receive logs it will be a lot of work just to remove a dozen stuck entries from your wastebasket.


    Thank you for this information. I should clarify that my question pertained to the Wastebasket in the local MyPhonebook and another Shared PhoneBook.

    However, you have also answered another question I also had relating to issues with the logs. They seem to be corrupted where I am unable to often move a fax. From your suggestions, you seem to indicate that I should rebuild all the folders using SysDiag – is that right and failing that I should move all the faxes to another location and then run a rebuild.

    Unfortunately we are running on WIN2K OS and are not connected to the internet which is apparently required to use WinFax Tools – is there a way to use WinFax Tools without connecting to the internet? We have refrained from using WIN XP as an OS since it does not offer any advantage over WIN2K for WinFax and all our other software works very well with WIN2K. Our network is very stable and is never connected to the internet. In 2014 WIN XP (one year from now) will also not be supported for security updates and computers connected to the internet with XP will be vulnerable. WinFax does not require an internet connection and I hope that WinFax Tools will be modified so that it will work without internet access. I think the internet access is required to ensure there is a valid license(???)

    Can you please advise how many faxes are OK to be left in the default folders (Sent items, received items etc). We have networked storage where we move many received faxes. However, the sent folder can get large as well as the Wastebasket.

    Thank you for your help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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