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    It sounds from lurking around this site that the only way I’m going to make WinFax SDK work on XP is to find an older version. I think I still have a 9.X around but all the others are 10.02.

    I suppose that means that for any new client machines I’ll purchase a 10.02 and then install from the same 9.X. I’m assuming that I can not purchase 10.00.

    Is WinFax the only product available of it’s kind? I would like to keep this in house if I can and not involve a 3rd party for each fax.

    What direction is everyone planning?


    There is a version 10.03 available, but to what it fixes for the SDK under Windows XP we are not sure. Symantec has not commented on what fixes 10.03 provides (or what newer problems it may introduce)

    Symantec doesn’t produce 10.00 anymore, but you can still find this version on store shelves or for auction on eBay. you might want to check those sources.

    Version 10 will install (and in most cases) work under Windows XP.


    Hi Marty, I’ve been able to get it all working with 10.03 on an XP class machine. Getting that version is an endless hastle, since even Symantec ships 10.02 from their website (dummies!) or are there lurking problems, who knows. Regards


    From what I understand, if you buy WinFax directly from Symantec you will get 10.03. If you buy it elsewhere, you may still receive version 10.02 or even 10.0 depending what is left in stock.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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